Monday 19th August 2013

by Chelsea

I’m subscribed to Time Capsule through Photojojo. Twice a month, it emails me a few pictures that I uploaded this time last year. It’s a lot more meaningful than I expected it to be when I signed up. There’s something wistful, nostalgic, bittersweet about observing you-a-year-ago when that wasn’t what you were looking for. Going after a little time travel is one thing, but being sent a message of “hey, remember this?” is special, somehow.

With that in mind, I need an incentive to get more pictures uploaded in a timely fashion. Since this blog is the main reason I do so, I’m going to post a pile of pictures this week. Right now, every time I think of photos, I think of the backlog I have on Flickr waiting to be posted, and that’s just a perfect recipe for blog constipation.  So what should I catch y’all up on first?

  • Michelle’s visit last month?
  • A knits round-up?
  • Or a pile of yarn?

If anyone votes before Wednesday, I shall do as the collective bids me.  In the meantime, some of my favorite friend-photos from the last few months.

Mandy’s come to visit me twice now, Carisa. Time to step it up.


Gwen points at goats.


This frog decided I was her friend because I was warm. I don’t mind being used.


Obligatory belly shot.


Making Michael laugh is my favorite thing.


I took Michelle to three knitter events while she was visiting, and I think she maybe knit four rows. I’m contemplating confiscating her stash.


Waffle houuuuuse!


Good Lord ‘n Lady my friends are gorgeous.

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10 Responses to “Vote”

  1. soxanne says:

    I’d vote for Michelle’s visit mostly because I’m sorry I missed it … but I like knitting and yarn too.

    And did you decide on the captcha? It’s yarnporn!

    • Chelsea says:

      Yes, I love the captcha plugin that Michael found for me! You preload it with a list of good words and it generates the captchas off of those. (I’m always willing to add new words to the list, if you have suggestions.)

  2. kmkat says:

    All of the above, but with knitting and yarn first, please :-)

    I thought I had commented already on my iPad, but my typing there is not the best — probably got zapped out by your spam filter.

  3. Mandy says:

    Moar pics puhleez. I vote for knitting!

  4. Gwen says:

    I say all of the above!

  5. Silvernfire says:

    I think I’ve witnessed a bit of everything on the list. What would you have the most fun putting up first?

    I’ve got a similar thing going with each evening, it sends me tweets from one or two or more years ago that I tweeted on that date. (It probably works with other social media, but this is all I’ve authorized.) Sometimes it’s a great memory jog (“Oh, I remember that?”), but especially with personal replies, I can be left baffled.

  6. Michael?! says:

    I vote for whichever gets the most pictures up here! :D

    Also another way you can tell this is a real comment is this:


  7. Michael?! says:

    This is a test of the Chelsea commenting system. Had this been a real comment, relevant information would be in this area.

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