Yarn acquisition rundown has to come before Knits Roundup. There is an incipient recipient and I don’t want any spoilers for her. So pretty pictures of bought things shall come before pretty pictures of made things.

I’d first like to say that the Year of the Stash is still going nicely. I think I might even be on track to ending the year with less yarn than I started. (Not counting the Tulips yarns. Or the stuff for Mary’s vest.) But it’s not a yarn diet.  I’ve done a lot less willy-nilly “oh that’s pretty, I think I’ll grab a skein or three” since I have a more concrete idea of the yummy things I have waiting for me at home, but there Has. Been. Yarn.

My first acquisitions of the year were the souvenir picks, but I did not stop there.


Three of my friends announced impending babies early in the year, and I knew I wanted them all to have Tulips cardigans. You can buy kits for the sweet little things, but I calculated that with the volume discount from Mr. Yarn I could get enough yarn to make at least 5 (maybe as many as 6 if I alter the stripe width) sweaters for less than the cost of three kits. Since I’d only then have to buy the pattern once, and get to choose my own colors, it was a much better deal to just buy the eight skeins of Dream in Color Classy and get it over with.

It’s kind of a strange color combination, due to the need for aggressive gender neutrality (Gods FORBID the color pink should ever TOUCH a little boy, what would the neighbors think?), but I’ve finished three sweaters so far and they all turned out lovely.


Neighborhood Fiber Co.’s Studio Sock in “Del Ray.” I think this was my only non-souvenir pointless impulse purchase of the year. The staff at Steven Be are quite good salespeople, that’s all I can say.


I bought this BFL for a class I took at Yarnover. It’s deliciously squishy and will eventually be slippers with a very cool knit-in fleecy lining. But I got distracted, and it’s in a bag somewhere right now.


Birthday yarn, from the great and powerful Kala! I suspect this Rowan Softknit Cotton will be a wee little baby sweater, but none of my friends are allowed to spawn before the end of the year.


Nik picked this HiKoo Simpliworsted out at Darn Knit Anyway for his baby-in-progress. The yarn became a tiger and a cardigan and a hat; the BIP became Neil Truman, born on Saturday.


This Sun Valley Fibers Merino Cashmere Silk in “Kent” came home with me from Yarnover. I thought it was going in a two color shawl, but I got distracted and now it’s going in a three color mystery shawl by Stephen West.


Mandy gave me this Alpha B Yarn’s Elite B in “Nikiya”. It perfectly matches the buttons on my yellow coat, so I suspect it has a future as an accessory.


This handspun from Knitting My Way Home also followed me home from Yarnover. I suspect its destiny lies in a pair of fingerless mitts, but nothing is certain in this world.


My friend Shayne banished this Fleece Artist Overberg in “Caicos” from her stash on charges of unruly pooling and general uncooperativeness. She allowed me to give it asylum, and it now lives a quiet life with its brethren and sistren in the lace bin.


I bought these guys to make a Dreambird after the SCOTUS decision on DOMA. Mini Mochi and Tosh Merino Light play together quite well, if you were curious. (“101” and “white wash,” respectively.)


Mandy brought me a skein of Juniper Moon Farm’s Sabine in “Sea Glass” when she came up to Minnesota in June. I less than three this yarn to infinity. Same goes for Mandy.


Bella Lana, probably the prettiest yarn shop I’ve ever been in, closed its doors for good yesterday, August 31. I took the opportunity in July to procure some Madelinetosh at 25% off. This Tosh DK  in “mica” makes my eyes look amazing, and is waiting its turn to become a cowl.


These three skeins of Pashmina in “antler” aspire to become a Margot, after the one I made for Gwen last year turned out so well.

(There are four skeins of Cascade 220 in the stash that don’t count because they are actually Mary’s, for a vest. The fabric I bought that lives at her house doesn’t count toward her stash, because it’s really just a dress-in-waiting. No picture because 220 is boring.)


This skein of ONline Supersocke 100 (“Paradise”) was found in a strange little department store in Fort Frances, Ontario. Michael is looking forward to some striped socks, but probably not until his birthday. He gets a behemoth for Solstice this year instead of his usual socks.


Kala proved that catsitting does not have to be its own reward. This Sincere Sheep Cushy in “Dionysus’ Regret” is going to make very good friends with the Sun Valley Fibers above.


Also from Kala, this Baah! LaJolla in “Singin’ the Blues” made me gasp with joy when I pulled it from the bag. It’s going to be a shawlette, but these days I just gaze at it lovingly.


Oops, I lied. The Neighborhood Fiber Co. wasn’t alone. This Hand Maiden Casbah in “Masala” was a second impulse purchase. But I had a coupon! I saved five bucks!


The same as above, in “Moss,” was secured as the third color for the Stephen West shawl. Not that I have time to knit a shawl. Between all of the baby knits I’ve had to do this year and the Year of the Stash stuff, Dreambird is the only non-obligation knitting I’ve cast on all year. I just hope I can be nearly done with the behemoth (Michael’s pullover) before the first clue of Color Craving comes out…


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    September 2, 2013

    All quite loverly! I’m sure the baby knits are awesome and beautiful. I have some online knitterly friends who are also going to do the Westknits shawl. I look forward to seeing them. (And really, I _must_ learn to knit… not like I need more pattern options… but…. yes.)

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      September 3, 2013

      I told my friends that no one was allowed to spawn again until after the first of the year. Can you believe it, one of them has already defied me!

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    September 2, 2013

    Fabulous photos, ma’m. I love the way you personify the yarn.

  • Reply


    September 2, 2013

    Oops. Not personify, anthropomorphize.

    • Reply


      September 3, 2013

      I anthropomorphize everything. I have to explain to all new coworkers that no, I’m not having a bad day, I just talk to inanimate objects.

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    September 2, 2013

    You have such lovely taste in yarn. Can’t wait to see that dreambird.

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      September 3, 2013

      Well you HAVE to wait. Because I knit things for Neil instead. ;)

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    September 3, 2013

    Delicious, all. Splendid colors.

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