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Summer’s End

I put on a pair of handknit socks yesterday. Summer’s just about over. If the forecast is correct, we’re likely to have another couple of eighty degree days, but cool weather comes quickly around here.

It’s been a pretty excellent summer, and I’m not ready for it to end. Not that I’m a huge fan of high temperatures, but two years in Minnesota has not been enough to acclimate me to having to wear a sweater for two thirds of the year. I’m not sure anything will be enough to acclimate me to that. No matter my preferences, Thursday is laundry day, and it’s going to be the last wash my summer dresses are going to see until next May.

I shan’t let my apprehension ruin the enjoyment of what I’ve had this past season.

20130725_094808Katy was diagnosed with a mast cell tumor in May, but she’s still trucking along. Other than a big pink lump on her face, she’s her perfectly normal, crazy self. She did have a seizure last month, but the vet said that there’s no reason to believe it’s related to the tumor. With a cat her age, it could be any one of a dozen things. She’s still feisty with Bucket and eating like a champ. Immortality cat? Only time will tell…

IMG_0771Marriage equality, hooray! Michael took this picture on the day it was signed into law.

IMG_0801I got to hang out with friends a bunch this summer.

IMG_1089I also purchased far more canning jars than you might expect of a person who doesn’t can.

IMG_1096They’re for iced tea. Duh.

20130725_180902_1_bestshotMichelle came for a visit that wasn’t nearly long enough. Any visit that ends is too short, though.

IMG_1104I went to the fair and Michael didn’t this year! I maintain that this makes me a better Minnesotan than him. But I haven’t told him that.

IMG_1105As is traditional, it was ridiculously hot. So much so that I couldn’t even enjoy the classic fair food binge. I kept seeing my friends posting these impressive “what did you eat at the fair” lists, but all I managed was half a cannoli, a small shaved ice, and one single, solitary, mini doughnut. I’ll have to do better next year.

IMG_1109This human dampening station was by far my favorite ride at the fair. Not that I actually went on any rides. It’s more of a spiritual relationship I have with the attractions. You understand.

IMG_1102Gwen won a ribbon for her Fiddlehead Mittens, and I won another in my series of photos of Gwen pointing at things.

IMG_1131Mary and I hung out at least once every twenty days. (Her new orange car is friends with Sprout. Obviously.)

20130731_125633We go on adventures, including surprise cathedral tours!

20130617_192623I rode my bike a bunch.

20130620_194438There were also mosquitos. And flailing and running from mosquitos, in some cases.

IMG_1068So I’m going to go have a cantaloupe for dinner, and try to get excited for Autumn. I’m a knitter, dammit, it’s my season.


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    September 17, 2013

    Looks like you had a nice spring and summer! I too am working on the wardrobe transition.

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    September 18, 2013

    I didn’t ride my bike nearly enough this summer. I keep saying that. Although, I did get a lot of good riding in this spring, and hopefully will this fall, as I’ll have a bit more time before it gets too cold for my fingers.

    It looks like quite the enjoyable summer. I enjoyed mine as well, both because of and despite not being employed. It’s time (beyond time really) for me to fix that….

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    September 29, 2013

    What a great photo series!

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