Knits of 2013 – Part Two

I just realized I have less than I week to wrap this up before I’m well and truly embarrassed for doing a 2013 related anything. I’m going to save the best for last, so we’ll start with the least impressive.


A Good, Plain Sock for Michael’s Xmas socks, from the yarn he picked out in Canada. I think this was my last YOTS project.


Flesh and Stone socks, also for Michael. The stitch pattern is mean to evoke the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, but I think the screaming orange kind of ruins the effect.


I started these Scylla when Mandy was here for Yarnover. Turns out I really like cotton sock yarn, but there’s so little in the way of variety and colorway.


The Grind Mitten was a kit from the Darn Yarn Club. The pattern is pretty good and the yarn is very soft – too soft, I think, for something hard-used like mittens. I am getting lots of wear out of them, though.

Neil's Layette

I got all three of these pieces out of only two skeins of the only acrylic-containing yarn I have ever loved, Simpliworsted. The hat was fine, the sweater was a great pattern, and the tiger is adorable but is…not a great pattern. Why would you knit that tail flat? Why??


This was my second Baby Bolero. It’s a great tiny sweater pattern, unisex, goes very quickly and has a cute little detail on the back.

My creation

I made three Tulips cardigans; one for Neil, one for Miriam, and one for Micah. I have enough DiC Classy to make at least three more. Not that I want to, but I will.


My third Clapotis was made for Hope, in a crafting exchange. She painted this triptych for me:


I’m pretty sure I got the better end of that deal.

Next post will be the best knits of the year.


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    February 27, 2014

    I shared some of your photos with my mom & she was astounded at how beautiful your creatures are and your amazing talent. Especially your gorgeous green coat & the various hand dyed shawls. She is one that can appreciate fine things (first autocorrected to ‘thumbs’. Uhh…?)

    Also, the painting from your friend is spectacular. Truly.



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      June 9, 2014

      Aww! I just saw this comment and it made my day. Tell your mom thanks for me. :)

      (Also, come visit me!)

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    February 27, 2014


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