August 22, 2017 at 02:53AM

Watching the #eclipse with my mom’s retirement community was remarkably satisfying. I was prepared to be disappointed by the event itself, but it was even more profound than I let myself hope. Crickets, 360 sunset, diamond ring effect, the whole deal. I just drank it all in, no photos. I wish I could tattoo the silver/periwinkle sky on the inside of my eyelids. Plus no one told me it was going to turn pink just at the end of totality! So immensely grateful for the layers of privilege that allowed us to be there (and that my Cloud Curse finally broke).

My favorite part really was helping one of mom’s neighbors. She’s soon for a memory care facility, and the whole concept of eclipse glasses was upsetting her. She couldn’t understand that they were completely opaque to normal light. She insisted they were broken and alternated between near-crying that she was going to miss the eclipse – the first one of her life at eighty-six years old – and trying to look directly at the sun without them. I finally knelt down next to her wheelchair, asked if I could touch her head, and physically moved her face until she was able to see the sun through the glasses. I got her all straightened out before the totality, so I didn’t even miss anything. It felt good to do such a simple thing that made someone so happy. It seems like most helping these days is impossible.

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