January 08, 2017 at 10:28PM

Kadi finally let me teach her to knit tonight! Not that I’ve been trying to convince her. Some people you have to treat like a skittish kitten. Don’t call to her, don’t cajole her, don’t even make eye contact. Just leave the food/yarn where she can see it, and let her come to you.

She’s my quickest student so far. I only had to sit next to her for two rows of garter before she was comfortable trying on her own. Must remember in future to teach more people familiar with tying knots.


January 07, 2017 at 08:32PM

I used to have custody of 1/3 of this armoire, but I conceded today and gave it up to Michael’s collection. I may have lost the battle, but I won the war (of not having three scattered piles of games elsewhere in the apartment at all times).

Some of you guys may remember this armoire from back in the day. It used to house my yarn stash. I went from a little basket by the couch, to a large basket, to this armoire, to the big Kallax-esque cube shelf it lives in today. I remember when I moved everything in here, I never ever thought I’d fill it up. I had enough yarn to half fill the top, with notions and needles on the upper shelf, books and WIPs in the bottom.

Ah. Such innocence.

Although…now that I think about it…does this mean Michael’s board game collection is destined to follow the same trajectory? Ooof, I hope not.


January 06, 2017 at 11:23PM

Hit three yarn shops today before I found a local yarn for my Pussy Hat.

One of my rules for the year (I need to post about my attack of Cruise Director-it is) is to only buy local yarn. I try to take in less yarn than goes out every year – hopefully the fact that I haven’t gotten around to calculating last year’s totals isn’t a bad sign. In service of this mission, this year I’m going to only buy yarn that fits one or more of the following: Grown in North America, Spun in the U.S., Dyed in Minnesota or a bordering state. I don’t like the idea of going Cold Sheep – I see so many people declare a total yarn fast every January but I’m unaware of anyone who has actually followed through. I don’t want to avoid Shepherd’s Harvest or Yarnover, and I wouldn’t forego the opportunity of souvenir yarn, either. (Rules will shift to “local to my current location” when yarning out of state.) But I expect these rules will cut down on “junk food” purchases. For instance, the manyseveral random skeins that caught my eye at 3 Kittens, Unwind and StevenBe. But locating a yarn that met any of my criteria *and* was an acceptable pink worsted in a time when there is a literal shortage of such — I’m shocked I was able to do it, now that I look at it all written down. And I left all the junk food yarn behind.

I’m not necessarily going to save any money if I go buying sets of needles instead, but that’s another challenge entirely.


January 04, 2017 at 03:39PM

This is what happens when I grab the wrong project bag before heading in to Treadle Yard Goods. Can’t exactly picture the color I’m trying to go with, better get a few options just in case…

I wonder if I should bother with a year-in-knitting post for 2016. Anyone care?


January 03, 2017 at 09:50PM

I read a lot more last year than I have been (42 books), but I also knit less than I’m used to (21 projects). Several of those projects were big time hogs, so I hope to be able to up that number a bit this year. I’m doing the Read Harder challenge again. I read a bunch of stuff I never would have otherwise, and the categories this year are pretty outside my normal range. It’s not too late to join me!  I’ll add you to our Facebook group at the slightest hint of interest, be warned.

December 21, 2016 at 10:09PM

Last night’s vigil for the longest night was rough, but we’ve had worse. My note to myself, because it helps to remember. We were lucky to have the days off work, to have snacks and coffee to keep us going, to have entertainment, to have each other. To have the liberty to practice our religion. To honor those who have gone before. We are fortunate even in struggle.

I use my arm as a note pad all the time. This one, I’m going to consider for tattoo status.


December 21, 2016 at 12:47AM

Smudge is not a fan of the vigil. We stay awake throughout the longest night to greet the returning sun, but the cats do not understand our baroque worldview. They have no problem sleeping all day, but sleeping at night seems to confuse them if we’re still up and about.

To be fair, he looks how I feel right about now.